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My name is Brittany Smith and I am the Founder, Certified Ultimate Professional Organizer™ and owner of Control the Chaos!

Clutter can be overwhelming. It causes stress, anxiety and even self-doubt about the possibility of ever taming the chaos. This is where Control the Chaos can help! My mission is to make organizing simple. How do I do that? By implementing personalized organizing strategies to provide every client with a rewarding and positive experience that leaves them de-stressed, and happy with their space and their most valued personal belongings.

When I was a young girl, I LOVED organizing my bedroom! I would often pull everything out of my drawers, then organize and re-organize until I was satisfied. It was my version of "The Purge", resulting in garbage bags of items to be donated or thrown away, and a space I loved with the items I treasured most. 


This personal "quirk" of mine was NOT confined to my bedroom. I always kept an organized pencil case in elementary school, a tidy locker in high school, and a de-cluttered dorm room in University.


Still, I didn't realize how important being organized was until 2020. The sudden adjustment to the "work from home" lifestyle highlighted that organizing was more than just a "personal quirk",  it was my way of life. 

Picture of the owner, Brittany as a baby in front of a dresser with a pile of clothes at her feet.

Creating chaos since 1988!

Messy kitchen drawer that needs to be organized.


Same kitchen drawer after it was organized & de-cluttered.


Since university, my work in the world of Records and Project Management has come naturally to me. Re-arranging files, cleaning up data, and running corporate projects was exciting, and satiated my hunger to organize. But after 8 years, my enthusiasm waned with the realization that it wasn't meeting my desire to help people, and I needed to bring my experience to bear on a new challenge.

We all tried to find ways to cope with the start of the COVID pandemic. I took solace in de-cluttering my home, keeping my mind preoccupied & feeling accomplished. As me and my husband went through every item in our place, and found the right place for each one, I felt the weight of clutter lifted from our shoulders and a sense of pride every time we opened a cupboard. I love the work, I love how it helps people, and (as much as I hate to self-congratulate) I love that I'm good at it.


This is isn't a just job or a hobby for me, it's a vocation. An organized life and home brought me joy, and it's my purpose to help you find the same joy for yourself.

That's why I became a Certified Professional Organizer with Ultimate Academy, and started my own business. It is time to combine my passion with my unique skill set and help you with whatever I can. 

Thus, Control the Chaos was born!

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