Digital Organizing

Unique to me!

Do you have an email inbox overflowing with spam emails?

Or do you have so many documents on your computer’s hard drive that it makes it impossible to find what you need?

My Digital Organizing Service is the perfect solution to remove digital clutter from your personal devices for good! Combining a proven organization system with my 8+ years of experience in Records Management, I will optimize and organize any personal electronic device to fit your needs! Whether it's 1 : 1 organizing sessions or off-site organizing completed at my office, every client is set up for success, with simple strategies and tools to maintain their device long-term!

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What's Included?

Off-Site Organizing

I will pick up and complete all organizing tasks at my office, returning the electronic device optimized & organized based on your needs!

On-Site Organizing

Personal 1 : 1 sessions with a Certified Professional Organizer in either 4 or 6 hr daily sessions to clear, clean, categorize and organize the device. 

Maintenance Plan

Providing two 15-minute check-ins & long-term maintenance plans at the end of every project to make the transition as simple as possible! 



Please Note: Currently both on-site & off-site organizing services are for personal electronic devices (laptops, phones, tablets) only.

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