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Digitize Slides

Do you have boxes of vacation slides?

Inherited vintage family memories with no way to view them?

Feeling guilty about parting with family memories to reclaim space in your home?

If you answered yes or can relate to any of the above, then my Digitizing Slides service is perfect for you! 

The way we store, view and capture moments has changed to the point we now have access to anything with the click of a button. With the older generation downsizing their homes, boxes and trays of projector slides depicting decades of vacations, weddings, and family get together are being uncovered and passed onto the younger generation. Not only that, these boxes are filled with inaccessible memories that take up physical space, in turn costing you money.

Being a millennial and a Professional Organizer, I can relate to the difficulties of balancing the desire to preserve family keepsakes while keeping our home from turning into a storage locker. This service will allow you to honour and value your family memories without feeling guilty for putting your needs first.

You've already done the hardest part, deciding to reclaim space, now let Control the Chaos help make the shift from analog to digital a rewarding, positive, and worthwhile experience!

Scroll down to see what's included & how to get started with me, a Certified Professional Organizer, Today!

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What's Included?

Pick up Slides

The Professional Organizer will arrive at a scheduled time to retrieve all slides to be digitized.

Off-Site Organizing

All slides will be scanned, labeled and organized based on the client's needs at our office.

Drop off Slides

The Professional Organizer will return slides and a USB key with digital copies ready to be imported onto your computer!

Please Note: Packages are priced up to 200 slides.

Ready to get started?

So am I! To discuss your organizing needs in more detail, answer any questions you may have or see how I can help you best, click the button to set up your FREE 30-minute phone consult with me today!

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