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Paper Organizing

Do you have Filing Cabinets stuffed with papers?

Unable to keep your desk surface clear of clutter? 

Finding it difficult to find important documents or struggling with a cluttered office?

If you answered yes or can relate to any of the above, then my Paper Organizing service is perfect for you! 

With our ability to access almost everything online these days, most of the paper we accumulate in our homes is transitory and likely does not need to be kept. Of course, there are exceptions which should be organized in an accessible and manageable filing system. This can be especially important if you have a Home Office to help you remain productive and focused day to day.


Spending 8+ years in the Project & Records Management fields before becoming a Professional Organizer, this is one of the most versatile organizing services I offer. Combining proven organizing strategies with records management knowledge, we'll work together to declutter, organize, and implement long-term, simple-to-maintain solutions for both your paper and office needs!

You've already done the hardest part, now let Control the Chaos help you stay motivated and achieve your paper/office organizing goals together - it's never too late to organize!

Scroll down to see what's all included & how to get started with me, a Certified Professional Organizer, Today!

Vertical File Cabinet
Home office
Stack of Files

Organizing Files

Off-site Organizing

Pick-up of paper items by the Organizer who will conduct all organizing work at our office. Once complete, items will be returned to suite your needs!

On-site Organizing

In-person 1:1 sessions with a Certified Professional Organizer in either 4 or 6 hr sessions to clear, categorize & organize your files to meet your needs!

Maintenance Plan

Option of two 15-minute check-ins along with a maintenance plan at the end of every project, to sustain your new filing system long-term! 



Home Office Organizing

Room Assessment

Conducting a 60-minute in-home assessment to determine the level of effort and price associated to achieve your dream office!

On-site Organizing

In-person 1:1 sessions with a Certified Professional Organizer in either 4 hr or 6 hr sessions to clear, clean, categorize and organize the space. 

Maintenance Plan

Option of two 30-minute check-ins along with a maintenance plan at the end of every project to sustain your new space long-term! 

What's Included?

Please Note: For any paper organizing service, all discarded paper items will be sanitized and shredded before being recycled.

"I very much appreciated Brittany's calm, focused presence, and records management expertise.  Her orientation to meeting our home office and paper file needs in a professional viewpoint that would work best for us."
Hilary J..
"Brittany has been great at helping me sort through 35 years of research and other materials,. She is patient, flexible, non-judgmental and happy to listen to stories evoked by the documentation. I've tried two other professional organizers and Brittany produced by far the best result and is the only one I would recommend."
Marika M.

Home Office Setup

File Management Systems

Ready to get started?

So am I! To discuss your organizing needs in more detail, answer any questions you may have or see how I can help you best, click the button to set up your FREE 30-minute phone consult with me today!

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