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Make 'Getting Organized' a New Years Resolution

Updated: Feb 10

With a new year comes new challenges, new experiences and above all, new goals. The popularity of New Year's Resolutions started as late as the 17th Century and you can guarantee that for as long as we've been making resolutions, we've been breaking them.

I went through a phase from 2008-2019 of creating the same number of resolutions to match the last two digits of the year (for example in 2011 I would create 11 resolutions). I stopped this when I was instantly met with anxiety while looking at a list of 19 resolutions. I knew I was setting myself up to fail and that is the opposite reaction resolutions should invoke.

A proper resolution should challenge you to improve yourself, no matter how small. It's how we grow, how we identify what is valuable and important in our lives, and challenge ourselves to new experiences and opportunities. After all, every year should be the best year yet!

So why should ' getting organized' be a resolution?

Learning the benefits of organization, be it either for your job or at home, is the simplest way to improve yourself.