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Organizing 101: Downsizing & How it Can Help YOU

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The longer you live in one space, the more items you accumulate.

Some of these items are essential to our day-to-day lives, some evoke a specific emotion or memory, and some are never used or forgotten about. The old saying 'the more space you have the more items you accumulate' is absolutely, 100% true.

Living in a capitalist, and consumer-heavy society, we enjoy buying and bringing items into our homes with every intention of using them. More often than not, we forget and let them overrun our valuable space (both physical and mental).

As important as de-cluttering your home can be, it is not the only way or reason homeowners re-evaluate the items piled high in every room of their home.

Downsizing is an often-used term in the Professional Organizing community. The dictionary definition states that downsizing is the act or process of replacing something larger with something smaller. In the context of organizing, this is typically suggested with Clients looking to move from a larger home into a smaller house or apartment. This is also very popular with Seniors. Shifting from a home into a retirement community can not be stressful and a difficult transition from a place of comfort to somewhere unknown.

The value downsizing has is way more than people looking to move. Downsizing can help you identify what you value vs. what you store, eliminate the unnecessary before it becomes too late, and provide a chance to appreciate and understand what your home means to you.

When is a good time to Downsize?