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Capsule Wardrobe - A Closet's Best Kept Secret!

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

I started a mini-series of articles on the importance of an organized closet providing you with a glimpse into my own journey!

Last week, I gave you 5 Questions to ask when decluttering your closet designed to help you streamline your wardrobe and remove the guilt of donating items.

This week, I want to combine those two messages, and provide you with a closet system that will not only save you time but make maintenance a breeze!

When it comes to your closet, there are A LOT of ways to organize your clothes. To be honest, I could probably do a full blog post on all the different ways there are! Some people enjoy the rainbow that comes with organizing items by colour, whereas others enjoy separating their clothes by season, sometimes even swapping out items in their wardrobe when a new season comes around (especially if space is limited!).

As a Professional Organizer, a question that comes up a lot is what is the best way to organize my clothes? There is no single golden ticket answer to that question. Every closet, just like every client, has individual needs and vision to achieve a functional and stylish closet, and any system is better than doing nothing. To quote The Dodo from Alice in Wonderland: "Everybody has won and all must have prizes."

But the organizing system I'm looking at today is too often overlooked and is a perfect fit for the anti-morning (guilty!) or the "on-the-go" individual/parent. It works especially well with children's closets, and helps make morning routines quicker & smoother.

So let's take a deep dive into Capsule Wardrobes and see why this might be the key to unlocking the closet of your dreams!

What the heck is a Capsule Wardrobe?!?

This term may sound futuristic, but in reality, it is just a fancy way to say "outfits". You heard correctly, outfits.

The core principle behind a capsule wardrobe is simple; organize your clothing as complete outfits!

If you're taking up too much time in the morning deciding on what to wear or oversleeping that 3rd alarm you set (don't worry, we've all been there!) then a capsule wardrobe is a perfect solution.

This system will remove the anxiety and decision-making process, making the morning clothes routine as simple as opening the closet, grabbing an outfit and going on with your morning!

Implementing a capsule wardrobe system in your child's closet is perfect for those busy mornings! Say goodbye to the struggle of getting your child dressed and hello to a less stressful and more productive morning routine!

How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe

Now that you know what a capsule wardrobe is, how do go about turning that pile of clothes into a well-organized closet?

There are two common ways that you can organize your capsule wardrobe: by type and by day. Both of these methods have pros and cons, and depending on how your typical week is structured (i.e. working in an office vs. working from home) one of these may work better than the other.

Capsule Wardrobe Option 1 - By Type 👗👖

With this method, you would group all of the same items to be hung together (i.e. blouses, skirts etc.) and organize them in the closet by type.

An example capsule wardrobe for a woman who commutes to work may consist of 5 blouses (1 for each workday), 2 jackets, 4 skirts and 3 pairs of shoes (don't forget the items that don't go on hangers!).


  1. Each article of clothing would have a designated spot in the closet,

  2. Able to easily take 1 item from each category to create an outfit for the day,


  1. Still need to make decisions on what items you choose to create the outfit.

Capsule Option #2 - By Day 🗓️

Another popular way to create a capsule wardrobe is to arrange your outfits by day of the week. This would mean that all pieces of the outfit were hung together on one or two hangers (depending on how many items make up an outfit) and then arranged in a way that begins with the workweek and progresses through to more casual weekend wear.

An example of this capsule wardrobe for a man who works in an office would have the workweek section be made up of different dress shirts or suits, and then jogging pants or jeans and casual shirts would be hung as outfits for the weekend.


  1. Outfits are already pre-made removing any decisions in the morning.

  2. Clothes are organized in a way that fits with the remaining routines of the week.


  1. Not as easy to swap out items of clothing per outfit if required.

  2. It may take longer to set up for more pre-planning is required.


Now that you are an expert on Capsule Wardrobes, I encourage you to give it a try! See if you notice a difference in your morning routine!

Combining this organizing system with the 5 Questions to ask when decluttering your closet, means you are well on your way to crafting your ideal closet!

If you are currently working with or considering a Professional Organizer to organize your closet, mention this method so they can help set you up for success.

🤞🏻 Remember, organizing is a process. Learning new routines and strategies takes time, however, the more you repeat those processes the more likely it is that you will see long-lasting results!


Ready to get started?

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About the Author: Brittany Smith lives in Ottawa, Canada with her husband and feline furbaby Zoey. She is a Certified Professional Organizer, Owner, and Founder of Control the Chaos, a Professional Organizing business that provides personalized in-home, virtual and digital organizing services aimed at transforming anyone's chaos into calm.


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