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5 Questions to ask when decluttering your closet

Updated: Feb 10

Last week, I posted a blog about the importance of an organized closet and my journey on how creating an organizing solution for my bedroom closet allowed me to identify my style and appreciate the clothing items I owned.

To help create my ideal wardrobe as well as an easy-to-maintain bedroom closet, I evaluated every article of clothing. How did I do this? By asking myself a series of questions to help me determine the items I wanted to keep or part with.

I would be lying if I said it was a simple, quick task. Seeing all of your clothes in a pile can be intimidating, but once you repeat the process a few times you'll feel both confident in your decisions and the weight lifted from your shoulders. When I was finished, I was happy with the items I kept and didn't feel guilty about the items I donated. In the end, they were just taking up valuable space.

Below are the 5 questions I used to help me overcome my wardrobe, and the same questions I have my clients ask themselves when they bring me in to help organize their closets. I strongly encourage you to ask yourself these questions with every article of clothing you own to help you craft your ideal wardrobe and utilize the space appropriately.

  1. Have you worn the item in the last year? ↩️📅

  • Yes - it is likely an item that can stay since you use it regularly or is an item that is either required (i.e. a work uniform) or brings joy (i.e. your favourite pair of track pants).

  • No - candidate(s) to be donated (if gently used or in good condition), re-purposed (i.e. old t-shirts cut into rags) or thrown out.