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The importance of an organized closet!

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

When you open your bedroom closet, are you greeted with a pile of items that are haphazardly hung or stuffed into any open space available?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

A closet, especially if shared between two or more people, can easily become cluttered to the point you can’t find anything you want.

It’s a frustrating experience to open up your closet and be greeted with the sight of too many possibilities and nothing that’s easy to find. It’s a rough way to start the day, that can leave you feeling disoriented all morning.

I know this because it used to be me. I would just buy clothes for the sake of buying them, filling my closet with items I liked at the moment or on sale. Then, when I thought to wear them somewhere, I’d feel too self-conscious and would wear something else, leaving them to sit unworn in my closet for months, sometimes even years! Each morning was a struggle to figure out what I wanted to wear, followed by another struggle: where is it?

With my love of organized spaces, this played havoc with me every day. Finally, I pulled out all my clothes, put them in one large pile, and was amazed at not only the volume but the number of items in my closet I never wore. When I finished going through each item, keeping only those I valued or wore on a regular basis, I cut my wardrobe in half! I can open my closet, pick anything off the hanger and feel both confident and stress-free.

And now, I LOVE hearing about your overstuffed closet, because I know the huge impact we can have by reclaiming that space for you. Together we can evaluate every article of clothing you have, and see which ones you love and value most. I understand that a mountain of clothes can be intimidating, but seeing everything in one pile forces you to re-evaluate your relationship with your clothing and feel good about parting with items. The closet is one of the first things you see each morning, and it feels good to you’ll notice the impact right away.

Join me again next week for part 2 of this series, and I will give you some helpful tips on how to create the wardrobe of your dreams!


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About the Author: Brittany Smith lives in Ottawa, Canada with her husband and feline furbaby Zoey. She is a Certified Professional Organizer, Owner, and Founder of Control the Chaos, a Professional Organizing business that provides personalized in-home, virtual and digital organizing services aimed at transforming anyone's chaos into calm.


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