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Organizing 101: Rightsizing & Why it Might Be for YOU

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Most people, when they hear the term rightsizing think of businesses looking to restructure their workforce.

Just like downsizing the term rightsizing in the world of Professional Organizing is often related to working with Seniors.

Rightsizing refers is the pursuit of living big in a small space. To do this effectively, Organizers help their Clients to customize their space to be both functional and fit their lifestyle.

Recently, rightsizing has become a trend among the senior community. They have a higher rate of impact due to moving from homes to retirement communities.

Of course, Seniors are not the only ones that can benefit from the exercise of rightsizing. Young families that are looking to move, new homeowners, and people currently living or renting in high-rise condos or apartments can all benefit from rightsizing their space.

What is the difference between rightsizing & downsizing?

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In the world of Professional Organizing, downsizing and rightsizing are both terms that can sometimes be used interchangeably. Likely due to the overlap in steps for either approach

However, the critical difference is found in the final outcome for both the space and the items that reside in it.

Downsizing is best used when you are looking to move, especially from a larger to a smaller home. This is an opportunity to declutter & purge as much as possible to accommodate the new space. Downsizing is a great tool for moving for it gives the homeowners a perfect opportunity to evaluate what they own and pair down items to what they want to spend money and time on packing and moving to the new place.

Rightsizing on the other hand is a great exercise when you are feeling overwhelmed or cramped with the amount of items around you. Rightsizing is a great tool to help the homeowner understand exactly what you need in your home to fit your lifestyle and the space. Instead of purging as much as possible, you are narrowing your possessions to manageable and functional pieces.

To help determine what you need help with more, downsizing or rightsizing, consider chatting with a Professional Organizer in your area.

How Can an Organizer Help with Rightsizing?

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So, you've determined that rightsizing is something you could benefit from, but are feeling lost or unsure of where to start? Enter the Professional Organizer!

An Organizer can be as involved in the rightsizing project as the Client wishes from a full "hands-on" approach to consultation and guidance.

When approaching a rightsizing project, an Organizer needs to be flexible, adaptable and sympathetic to the needs and outcomes the Client wishes for their space. They can make professional recommendations, ask directive questions to help the decision process with items, and also set up the space to be functional and ascetically pleasing.

Sometimes it can be difficult, especially with the Older generations, to ask for help, but a great Organizer will make the process as simple and painless as possible.

In the end, the goal of any Professional Organizer is to have Clients that are happy and at ease in their space, no matter the size.


Now that you have a thorough understanding of what rightsizing truly is, I encourage you to keep Organizers in mind when looking to address your own space. It is never just about the physical clutter, rightsizing is about making the space beautiful & functional long term.


Ready to get started?

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About the Author: Brittany Smith lives in Ottawa, Canada with her husband and feline furbaby Zoey. She is a Certified Professional Organizer, Owner, and Founder of Control the Chaos, a Professional Organizing business that provides personalized in-home, virtual and digital organizing services aimed at transforming anyone's chaos into calm.


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